Toasted Roasted Lao Sticky Rice Powder

imageRoasted Rice Powder is used in laap but also many other Lao recipes. It can be bought in packets in Asian stores but it does not smell the same at all, and tends to be too finely ground for Lao cuisine, so it is better to make it on the day. Here is how to make your own.

1. Place a couple of handfuls of uncooked rice (sticky rice if possible) into a dry wok or skillet on a medium heat.image

2. Roast the rice over a high heat, shaking the wok frequently and stirring with a wooden spoon to cook it evenly.

3. The rice is done when it looks toasted and golden brown (though some Laotians prefer to cook it to a dark brown colour.  This multi-coloured stage below is not quite done and you have to watch it like a hawk as is burns in a flash. When ready transfer the roasted rice to a bowl to cool.image

4. Grind the roasted rice in a coffee grinder or pound in a pestle and mortar to a fine powder. imageStore in a jar with a tight lid for no more than a month.  I also use it as a crunchy coating for fish cakes, fried chicken……..


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